There Are No More Cebong (Tadpoles) And Kampret (Little Bats)

JAKARTA (Internusa media.com) – Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo and defeated presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto shook hands and hugged each other warmly in a widely-anticipated meeting on Saturday (July 13), their first since the bitterly contested presidential election in April.

They met at Lebak Bulus MRT station in South Jakarta at around 10am and then boarded the train heading to Senayan MRT station in Central Jakarta.
During their 18-minute ride on the country’s first MRT line, the two former rivals were at ease with each other and chatted privately in a closed car.

At Senayan station, where a crowd of journalists were waiting, Mr Jokowi made a joint statement with Mr Prabowo, a retired army general.[artikel number=5 tag=”daerah, internasional, ekonomi-bisnis, hukum-kriminal, kesehatan, nasional, olahraga, opini, pendidikan, politik, religi, sepakbola, vidio” ]